Sci-fi character Kratos from the video gameĀ GOD OF WAR.

Sculpted, retopo, textured & rendered


Zbrush, Maya, substance painter
& v-ray

I research body and muscle structure based on Raff Grasetii’s model. I based my sculpture from imagery reference and personal interpretation.

I study and sculpted skin detail based on human references. To create hair I used fiberMesh and exported splines to use with V-ray.

I visited Substance Painter to create the textures. To render I used V-ray Next’s new skin shader with a combination of normals and displacement maps in order to bring back most of the sculpted detail.

BMW Next 100

Concept vehicle from the BMW Next 100 exhibition.

3D Modeled & textured.


Zbrush, Maya & V-ray

Because BMW has not yet release blueprints, I had to base the model of plane references.

I carefully study its contour lines to understand how the vehicle was put together.

I used procedural texture methods inside V-ray for rendering.


Sci-fi character Anubis from Egypt’s mythology.

Sculpted, polypainted & post-edited.


Zbrush, polypaint & post-edited

I research the mythical character Anubis. I wanted to sculpt a realist Anubis.

I study muscle placement to create body mass and weight with animal merge, in this case dog-like (dobermann).

I visited different methods to create the blood-like gold stripes, and the method i ended up using was masking and extraction.


Sci-fi character Drogon from Game Of Thrones.

Sculpted & polypainted.


Zbrush & polypaint

I research bats bone structure in order to understand how to place bones into the model.

I study muscle placement to create body mass and weight to the model.

I visited different methods to create hyper detail on the model, and I decided on a combination of alpha displacement and Spotlight projections.

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